LED Ceiling Lights Never replace T8 tube lights again. Designed for new construction or retrofit existing residential and commercial conventional drop ceilings. LED ceiling lights and LED drop ceiling light fixtures are ideal replacement lighting for retail stores, offices, warehouses, etc. By eliminating inefficient fluorescent tubes and the outdated ballasts you can expect electrical savings of up to 60% and an estimated life of over 70,000 hours. Operational, maintenance and replacement costs drop accordingly. 

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LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights LED 2×2 Back Lit High Output Troffer

featuring High Output COB LEDs; High Output applications for Canopy Lighting, Retail Lighting, Auto Showroom Lighting, Gymnasium Lighting, Hospital Lighting, Auditorium Lighting. Replaces existing HID & HPS fixtures up to 250W. Available in 80W, 100W, 120W.


LED Ceiling Lights 

LED Ceiling Lights LED 1×4 Ceiling Panel Edge Lit

Featuring 50 PCS High Output LEDs; Slim, state of the art, low profile design. Ideal for Hospital Lighting. Available in 36W, 45W, 50W.

LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights LED 2×4 drop-in ceiling panel light Edge Lit

is a slim, state-of-the-art  LED flat panel that combines super high output with several installation options. The LED ceiling panel can be suspended freely, flush mounted, or as a part of a suspended ceiling. This LED flat panel is designed to replace a 2×4 fluorescent troffer with 4 tubes. Available in 60w up to 90w,

 LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights LED 2×2 Drop in Ceiling Panels Edge Lit

Features: Polyester powder coated silver finish, Slim, state of the art, low profile design; 50 PCS High Output LED’s. Easy drop in installation in to standard 2×2 t-bar grid system. Power cord whip provided. A DLC Qualified Product. Available in 50w.

LED T9 Circline

LED Ceiling Lights T9 Circline LED Dimmable

Featuring Analog/Triac dimmimng system with High Output LED’s. Mercury free design, No radiated EMI interference;; High power factor; low THD internal driver; InstantON flicker-free Cold Start and Hot Re-Start; Up to 15 years Maintenance free operation; 5 Year Warranty. Available in 13w, 18w.

 LED Ceiling Lights LED Ceiling Lights  LED T8 Tubes 

are designed as replacement lighting use in all types of indoor and outdoor fixtures. LED T8 lighting technology is self-ballasted and does not require a remote power supply. Directly connects to universal voltage – 120-277 VAC. LED T8 Tubes are energy efficient devices for many types of applications and are ideal replacement lighting for standard and high performance T8 fluorescent tubes. Available in various lengths.








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